Thoroughbred Racing Fan Association, Inc.


About ThoroFan!

You are here because like 29 million others in this country you are a fan of Thoroughbred horse racing.

You, the fan, are the ultimate customer of the sport.

Without the fan, there would be no races, racehorses, horsemen, owners, track operators or breeding farms.

Without the existing fan, we cannot bring in and mentor new fans.

You, the fan, are critical to Thoroughbred racing. Since December of 2007 volunteers have been working hard to develop ThoroFan in order to enrich our sport.

The Fan

We fans come from all walks of life and enjoy many different aspects of Thoroughbred racing. We bet, we handicap, and we own, breed, train, work with and enjoy watching these fabulous creatures. We attend live racing, we go to off track venues, we watch from our homes. Whatever our motivation and venue, we are all fans and we are critical to racing’s existence.

Each fan, regardless of our level of participation, needs to have our concerns identified and supported if Thoroughbred racing is to prosper.

Why ThoroFan Began

We fans are important stakeholders. An independent and national fan-driven body will provide the vehicle for our voice to be heard. It is time for us to step up and encourage the raising of the standards of quality for everyone, horses and humans alike.

Every Fan is Needed. Your First Step is to Join

This is a big undertaking. But, the fan is critical to Thoroughbred racing. With every new fan registration our voice becomes stronger.

As our respected Advisory Board member, Nick Zito, reminds us,


Nick Zito

ThoroFan Goals

ThoroFan is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Charity

ThoroFan’s Goals

  1. Retain and enrich existing fans
  2. Seek out and attract new fans including those who are unable for physical or other limitations have not yet had the opportunity
  3. Give each fan, regardless of involvement, a voice to the industry regarding their interests in the betterment of the sport

We believe integral to the accomplishing these goals is a corporate philosophy that

  • Promotes educational opportunities for all fans
  • Supports racing's charitable organizations
  • Works collaboratively with all stake holders
  • Seeks every opportunity to tell industry leaders what fans believe
  • Fosters social camaraderie among racing fans to sustain our base.


We aspire to accomplish our goals, through

  • Introducing the excitement of Thoroughbred racing to new fans who for physical, social or other limitations have not yet had that opportunity
  • Educational materials and programs to improve understanding and appreciation for all aspects of the sport for all fans
  • The development of charitable grants and volunteerism that will aid in the raising of quality of life for horses and the humans working with them
  • A national organization that will draw together and support fans across the country into an organization of chapters that foster a national network
  • Well thought out fan input to national and local racing organizations and professionals
  • Cooperation with communities and organizations to develop new and exciting events, enjoyable experiences, continuously increasing national and local benefits, and to support local communities, year round, who host our racing venues and fans.
Race Track


Supported by ThoroFan and its affiliation with national racing organizations, chapters will open across the country where interest supports them. Race tracks need fans and fans need race tracks. Because of this, most chapters will affiliate with local racing venues.

Our goals for each chapter are to offer fans