Thoroughbred Racing Fan Association, Inc.


At ThoroFan we see all aspects of the racing industry, from the farm to the finish line — from horse to fan — as stakeholders in Thoroughbred horse racing’s existence.

Charitable Projects


We, as an organization of fans, aim to help bring these factions together as partners. We fans are participants in the overseeing of the welfare of our sport whether it be the care of the horse, the clothes the backstretch worker wears, the health and day care of the workers’ children, the education of our shut-in fans or any other aspect of the sport that may be brought to the forefront as fans begin to vocalize their interests. The issues are complex and fans have interests in all areas. It then behooves us, here at ThoroFan, to take a focused approach to the use of our charitable energies.

We have looked at other charities and know that the process of developing and focusing charitable energies is rigorous work. Since, ThoroFan is itself in the development process we are not fooling ourselves into believeing we can be all and do all. We do not wish to “reinvent” or duplicate what is already being done so well by others. We fans wish to contribute our money and energy to advance what is already being done.

As we begin our efforts and develop our strategy through 2015 we focus ThoroFan’s energies toward:

The generation of this charitable arm of ThoroFan came from the direct observation of the beneficent and charitable hearts and efforts of the members of our pilot chapter, ThoroFan Saratoga. The hope is that with the birth of each new chapter this charitable effort will grow.

We at ThoroFan are dedicated to amplifying the “voice of the fan.” Therefore, we look to the fans to help form our focus. This is a participatory process. Please bring your thoughts and ideas to ThoroFan along with your volunteerism, energy and financial assistance.

Please see the Donations page for ways to donate and the Contact page for the volunteer opportunities.

Thank you from all of us at ThoroFan. And, thank you to ThoroFan Saratoga for leading the way.