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Betting The Breeders' Cup ---Luck or Skill?

 By most logic handicapping and wagering on horse racing is a game of skill. Which makes one wonder when you place a wager at most tracks why does the pari-mutual clerk wish you "good luck". Anyone who has been around the game long enough knows what is being talked about. Too many times birthdays, area codes and colors trump midnight oil handicapping. Of course skill prevails in the long run, but on any given race luck can prevail.

Recent scientific research has shown that luck may not be all about "luck". What? Attitude may have something to do with it. Sometimes referred to the "power of positive thinking". Studies across the world show that with a positive outlook good things happen that many see as luck. This is much like believing in oneself. It can have application to handicapping and wagering. Could it be if you think you can pick the winner of a race, your chances improve? Yes, that's it.

If handicapping is approached with a positive attitude winning may be more likely. As strange as this may sound every handicapper has had bad losing streaks. Without changing an approach they seem to miss picking winners. Handicappers in this mode have been heard saying, "do I have the right past performance form?" Often after a slight respite handicapping skills return and wins are more frequent. The rest "reboots" their attitude and perhaps their confidence.

Over the next two days of the Breeders' Cup races try staying positive. Believe you can and you just might, so say the scientist. As hard as it is to pick the winner of Breeders' cup races, it is worth a shot.